Zoho Vault - Password Manager App Reviews

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Great for Teams

We provide lending consulting service to mortgage companies and credit unions all over the country. ZoHo Vault makes it easy for everyone working remotely to have all our account login credentials no matter where we are. Better security with remote accessibility and saves us time. Great solution for our team.

Does the job

Works well for a free app

Keeps on crashing even with the update

No need to say more. Had wished this update would fix the problem.

Very useful app. Easy to use

I’m using this app for couple years already Works well. Had problems with app crashing after an upgrade, but I’ve got help from the support team immediately. Keep it safe!

Latest version is broken

Can not login without the app crashing. Please fix ASAP!

Great PW manager - especially for small businesses

Works well - can be set up to unlock with TouchID if you want. You can pull down in the list of all secrets to get to the search function, which is nice. This app pairs well with Zoho Vault for teams, which is great deal ($0.90/user/mo) when compared with other password managers for small businesses.

Be Forwarned

I spent 9 hours setting up this program only to find out this is a password management program for PAID Zoho users only. If you share a password outside your group (paid Zoho users) then the program GIVES them your password!! I have now been on th euphonium with Apple for over an hour. No one can figure out how to get the software off my computer. Not even a top level advisor!

Please fix my passwords!

The app was working fine until the lates iOS update. There is a problem that all passwords in the app are unreadable now. Web version works fine. Please fix asap

Good app, but...

The app app works very well. I use it on my phone and on the web, but it can get very annoying to have to put in your passcode every time you log into the app. Would be nice if they added Face ID to log in.

Don’t bother is you are not a company

If you are in individual looking for a password manager this is not for you. It part of a suite of products for businesses. Setup from the website is a mess. Interfaces are flakey. Not designed to be easy to use at all. Look elsewhere for a password manager.

Does not work w iPad

Newest version does not work on my iPad Air. App starts to open then quits. Previous version worked fine. Newest version works on my iPhone 6Plus.

Password generator?

I am looking to switch and his seems like it would work except I like being able to select a password recipe. I can't figure out how to change recipes/parameters. Other wishlist would be to autofill email addresses used as account names. Most of my accounts are going to have one of my email addresses I'll check back to see how it evolves.

App crashes when putting in secret

I am currently testing this for enterprise use and every time I go to insert a secret the app crashes. No report shows in the logs or in audit from the admin console.

Want to like it

I love the web based version. I love the Chrome extension. I don't like the app on iPhone. I get signed out constantly. Why is that? Since I created a Zoho account using a long cryptic password my current solution is to use a different password manager to store my sign in. It's kind of obnoxious as I have made my passphrase secure and use touch id so why having to constantly sign in?

Great app and service

Great, covers everything needed and very decent. Still not discovered enough by people. Free all the basically enough features for full personal use for your own passwords like password syncing. Good price for more features like team features. Will activate the other features soon even. Got introduced from this to other Zoho apps and services and liked them as well. I recommend it to everyone.

New version doesn't work!!!

The latest version doesn't work on iOS 10. I can authenticate and see all of the secrets but if I select one it crashes.

New upgrade makes app usable

Now we can swipe to view secrets and with one tap, copy username or password. Much more convenient and usable than old version. Thank you for these functions!

Good but no sharing option.

This app is very good and works as advertised. However, on the browser version you can share passwords with other users. I wish that functionality was in the app.

Super handy!

This is a lifesaver, use to keep a spreadsheet, this is so much smarter.

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